Saturday, February 16, 2008

No! No! No! Yes!

Wow. The Sooners won a barn burner in Lubbock today. The Sooners were down 47-40, but roared back to take a lead, TT fought back, then OU needed David Godbold to nail a forced up three pointer that gave the Sooners a lead with 1.4 seconds left. Austin Johnson came off the bench to score 20. The Sooners were aided by 16 offensive rebounds and 9-21 shooting from beyond the arc. Horrible free throw shooting (9-18 by the team, 5-10 by uber frosh Blake Griffin) nearly cost them this game.

On Jan 30, I predicted the rest of the Sooners path to a NCAA bid. Let's look at how that's holding up now.

Lose At TAMU - correct
Lose hosting Texas - correct
Win at CU - incorrect, and way off. Sooners looked awful.
Win hosting ISU - correct
Win at TT - correct. Thank you, David Godbold.
Win hosting Baylor
Lose at Texas
Win at Nebraska
Lose hosting TAMU
Win at Oklahoma State
Win hosting Mizzou

I predicted 3-2 through this 5 game stretch, and the Sooners missed that by one game. Frankly, with the Sooners road performances, I an skeptical about the victory at Boone State. Going 3-3 through that stretch would leave the Sooners at 8-8 in the conference, or 9-7 if my prediction holds up of 4-2 through that stretch.

I was having doubts about the Sooners March Madness prospects after the CU loss and Longar's stress fracture becoming a broken bone, but I'm optimistic now. I'm not crazy enough to think that the Sooners will go very far in the NCAAs, but am looking forward to getting back in there.


poopsandwich said...

I would just like to apologize for that ass-whoopin the lady bears put on the Paris twins today.

I had requested they keep the margin to under 10.

Once again, i apologize.

HeadThief said...

poop - you're talking smack about Women's hoops? c'mon, man. Congrats on the win.

Anonymous said...

We need more women's BB talk.