Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Recruitin' - A Pictoral Essay

You haven't seen any talk here on the recruiting trail here. My father-in-law is a big fan. Here is why I don't follow....the girl the said recruit left behind looks like this.

The campus escorts look like this.

Neither of these groups of ladies talk to you once you get on the college campus. This is distressing.

One of said recruites teammates introduces the 6-5 250 lb 4.5 recruit to their high school classmate, Biff. This is Biff. This is the academic counselor. With all these distractions, plus easier access to alcolohol the campus experience provides, many a "recroot" ends up with a BAL that exceeds his GPA or his 40 time. See Wall, Hunter; Rawls, Brent; or Bomar, Rhett. They might not even make it to campus, courtesy of that icky "ess-ay-tee" thing.
If they are eligible to play in September, I'll make an effort to learn their name.

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