Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dang, that was fun...

Watched the game last night and what a doozy that was. First of all, I felt horrible for Curtis Jerrells. He played an outstanding game up to the point where we went 0-2 from the line with :01 second left in OT. Second, first time I've watch an entire Baylor game. They are fun to watch. I was quite impressed with the way BU rallied after the scrum at 4:58 where Mark Shepard was ejected. Drew took the Bears to small ball and they roared back into the game. the Bears scored 21 points in the last 4:30 of regulation. If my calc's are correct, the Bears made 6-9 from the field during that stretch. Never mind the matador D the Sooners played during that time.

Blake Griffin had a monster game against the smaller Bears, scoring 29 and grabbing 17 boards. BG went 13-17 from the line,which is remarkable for him. The ESPN highlights on the web don't show a couple of spectacular dunks by Griffin, one on a fast break, bounce it off the backboard (assist by Austin Johnson), the other on a great give and go with Longar Longar.

The four point play by Crocker came on a three pointer that looked like Crocker spent more time looking for contact than he did trying to make the shot, but he managed to make the shot and draw contact.

Other random thoughts on the game. Bears reserve to be named later was ejected for coming off the bench in a peacemaker role. I understand the need for the rule, but I hate it when someone gets kicked out for brining the peace. The Sooners were 4-5 from 3 point land in OT, an impressive feat.

Next up for the Sooners are the dreaded Horns.


poopsandwich said...

"reserve to be named later..." jeez, you crack me up.

What a game, congrats on the win.

HeadThief said...

I don't think it made up for the 20 point beat down the Lady Bears gave the Lady Sooners. I would have found the Richard Hurd's name, but it was late and I was tired.