Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sooners beat WV in Hoops

Sat down and watched the game. 24 hours later, I'm still stunned by Longar Longar. They actually give him the ball on offense, and he occasionally displays skills there. No one's mistaking him for Karl Malone or anything - except for the elbows part.

Blake Griffin is a stud.

The game was one of the more entertaining I'd watched in awhile (admittedly my college hoops watching has fallen off in the past few years), even after the 10-10 after 10 minutes start.

I was impressed by the Sooners resilience, coming back in OT and second OT to finally take the victory.

the big part of this was that the Sooners beat a quality for on the road, which should the Sooners keep playing this well, could get the Sooners back into postseason action.

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