Saturday, December 8, 2007

Inside Information on the Jayhawks Bowl Selection

We here at landthieves were puzzled by all the projections that indicated Kansas would play Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Then, the Jayhawks accepted an invitation to play in the Orange Bowl. after seeing this picture last week, however, we researched further into our vast contacts in the Jayhawk administration. We contacted Ed Manning, the best father/assistant coach/truck driver money can buy. Per Ed, the Kansas folks wanted to get Mangino near some fruit. Apparently the spectre of Mangino near a bunch of Tostitos chips was too much to bear.


poopsandwich said...

Holy crap!! Mangino is bigger than an orange mascot?!?! What the hell!!

HeadThief said...

Mangino is a large man. While it makes for good humor, that man needs to shed some lbs. I hope he doesn't consult Chuckie Weis for a doc.