Tuesday, December 18, 2007

San Diego Police Surge Almost Complete

San Diego, CA (LTP) - San Diego Police Chief William Landsdowne announced today that the surge is almost complete in preparation for the visit by the University of Texas Longhorn football team. "Failure to protect the citizens of San Diego from the Longhorn football team would be a disaster for the county."

"The riot gear is scheduled to arrive on December 21st, the academy graduation is on the 22nd and the players arrive on the 23rd, so everything is going as scheduled. The first activity for the Holiday bowl teams will be a Navy and Marine Corps luncheon. We believe this will be a good transition event for new police officers, as there will be MPs nearby for reinforcements if trouble breaks out. The citizens of San Diego should be safe throughout the week."

"We believe we have made some errors in judgement. For example, extending the invite may have been a good to ensure a high quality football game, but it put millions of people in harms way. "

Landsdowne did extend an olive branch to the Longhorn football team. "Twelve years ago, Ricky Williams was known as a weird kid from San Diego. Now he's known as a marijuana addict that played football at the University of Texas and the NFL. We're grateful for them taking him off our hands."

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