Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sooners Nine Point Favorites

Saw in my local paper, which provides betting lines, that the Sooners are a 9 point favorite. Checked it online b/c figured it was a typo. Nope. Here are some factoids for you:

  • Sooners are 1-5 against teams with winning records. The victory: 65-10 against 6-5 Texas A&M.
  • The Sooners are 0-3 against ranked opponents.
  • Oklahoma State is 4th in the country in rushing defense. They allow fewer yards per carry than Nebraska.
  • Oklahoma State is the 96th rated passing defense in terms of yard per game. This is mainly b/c their foes abandon the run early. They are 19th in yards per attempt and 30th in passer rating.
  • The Sooners will start their 9th different offensive line grouping in 12 games.

This is mitigated by...

  • Landry Jones stats at home: 93 of 145 for 1308 yards and 18 TDs. He is the 4th best passer in the country at home. As a side note, he's the 96th rated passer on the road.
  • Stoops' squads are 65-2 in Norman.
  • Coach Hair Gel is 4-0 - I mean 0-4 - vs OU,
  • I've never put anything beyond lunch money on a game in my life.


Anonymous said...

Coach Hair Gel is 0-4 vs OU isn't he?

HeadThief said...

yes. The editor in chief should have caught that.