Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Fraudulent Unbeatens - Cincinnati

      Today we're going to look at Cincinnati, one of the unbeatens that I believe is fraudulent. First look at their schedule to date.
    • Rutgers - 6-2 against the 126 ranked schedule. It's really tough to identify Rutgers signature win. Is it Howard? Florida International? Maryland at 2-7? Texas Southern? Army at 3-6? Or Connecticutt at 4-5?
    • Southwest Missouri - 1-aa team. 1-7 this year, with a win against Quincy. I thought he was dead.
    • Oregon State - the best W on the Bearcats schedule to date. The Beavers are 5-3, and have played one of the tougher schedules in the country.
    • Fresno State - a 5-3 team with losses against Boise, Cincy and Wisconsin. Hard to identify their premier it Hawaii? San Jose State? New Mexico State? Utah State? UC Davis?
    • Miami (OH) - the ChickenHawks are 1-9 this year.
    • South Florida - 6-2 following the Bill Snyder school of non-conference scheduling. They played Wofford, Western Kentucky and Charleston Southern to start the year. They have beaten West Virginia.
    • Louisville - 3-5, with signature wins against Indiana State, Southern Miss and Arkansas State.
    • Syracuse - the 'Cuse is so bad their starting QB hadn't played FB in four years. That's like using your tight end for a guard. They are 3-5, with wins against Northwestern (who's apparently good enough to knock with Iowa from the unbeaten ranks), Maine and Akron.
    • Connecticut - the Huskies are probably the top four win team in the country. They've had a DB killed at a school function, and their five losses have been by a combined 15 points. UConn even had the guts to play two automatic qualifying non conference games this year.

    So, after this review, Is it news that they are undefeated? Or is it that they one their one big non-conference game, then have mowed through a mediocre conference?

    On the other hand, their second string QB rocks. Zach Callaros has completed 76% of his passes, averages 12 yard per pass, has a 10-1 TD-Int ratio and runs for 6+ yards per carry. If he played for Florida, he would be a Heisman candidate. Of course, the Florida O-coordinator appears to be the Dean Smith of football.

    We'll find out about this team in the next three weeks, as their schedule has ended up being pretty backloaded, with West Virginia, Illinois, and Pitt in these last three games.

    Prediction: 11-1

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