Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pick the Heisman Candidate

Pick out the Heisman Trophy candidate from these two players

Passing Yards-Tds-Rush Yards-TDs

Game 1: A) 51-0-(6)-0; B) 188-1-1-1
Game 2: A) 286-3-4-0: B) 234-4-71-1
Game 3: A) 336-6-0-0: B) 115-0-76-1
Game 4: A) 188-1-(17)-0; B) 103-1-123-2
Game 5: A) 0-0-0-0; B) 134-1-38-0
Game 6: A) 250-1-(4)-0; B) 255-1-69-16
Game 7: A) 252-2-11-0; B) 127-0-88-1
Game 8: A) 294-4-(3)-0; B) 164-2-85-2
Game 9: A) 245-0-(17)-0; B) 208-1-27-1

Season Totals: A) 1902-17-(32)-0; B) 1531-11-578-9

Player A is Landry Jones, Player B is Tim Tebow. The difference between the two? 7 interceptions, 3 losses as a starter and a lot of hype. I'm a big Tebow fan, but the discussion involving him as a Heisman finalist this year is baffling. The leadership is there, but the stats just aren't. If you're voting for the Heisman and reading this blog (let's be honest, they're probably mutually exclusive lists) pick someone else. Choose McCoy. Or Shipley. Or Case Keenum. Or Mark Ingram. Or even, heaven forbid, Jimmy Clausen.

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