Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sooners Blank Boone State

Some thoughts from today's game:
  • The Pokes had 15 possessions in the game. They were 0-14 on third down, and they had 4 drives that obtained a first down.
  • In those four drives, the Cowboys had six first downs; 3 of those were via penalty. The Pokes did not have a first down in the second half.
  • Zac Robinson was clearly not himself. Gundy was in a difficult situation. Do you start a dinged up Robinson, or a healthy Brandon Weeden, who played one game against a Division 1-A foe so far? If you consider the 2009 Colorado Buffaloes a D1-A team.
  • The O-line played very well today, particularly in the second half. The Pokes were a top 10 defense against the run, and this was one of the few games where we've been able to run the ball with any authority.
  • The Cowboy punter, Quinn Sharp, has some serious wheels. Once he used the angle to cut Ryan Broyles off to prevent a score, and on Broyles 88 yard punt return, Sharp nearly ran him down from behind.
  • Tress Way was phenomenal punting the ball today. He averaged 59 yards per kick, and the Cowboys were able to return two of the kicks for a total 6 yards.
  • I was having John Blake era flashbacks with the offense in the first half. We were just out of synch...we would be in good field position, and I just expected something bad to happen. Fortunately, they got out of the funk.
  • DeMarco Murray is a special back. I hope he comes back next year.

I'm tired. Boomer!

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poopsandwich said...

I thought this was Okie Lite's first chance to win the big game in many moons. But true to character, they choked again.

Congrats to the Sooners for spanking the Boys on TV. I kind of felt bad for Coach Hair Gel for a while there, then I remembered what a a-hole he is.