Saturday, March 28, 2009

What do you read

Below you find the top viewed stories from the Daily Oklahoman earlier today. This is about 16 hours after the Sooners advanced to the Elite 8 in the NCAA tourney. Of course, what's driving the readership at is 1) a football recuruit's arrest on an array of charges, 2) the overhyped weather; 3) finally an article about the Sooners defeat of the Saltine Warriors.

It's those little things that sometimes makes a coach's eyes wander...I'll never get the attention here that I could somewhere else, etc.

For example, if Capel goes to Virginia, how long before he's king of the athletic department and perhaps the state? 2-3 hours and he's light years ahead of Al Groh.

Hopefully Coach doesn't read this blog.

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