Friday, March 20, 2009

Disneyland kills March Madness

A family trip to Disneyland killed my Thursday game viewing. By the time I got home, all games were done, and I couldn't even stay awake to watch coverage on ESPN. The time with the family was worth it nonetheless.

I had about an hour drive from D-land to the place we're staying, so I present to you the results of my thought train during that exhausting drive back.

Top 6 Disney attractions that didn't make it...

6. Say Goodbye to Old Yeller - a touching lesson about pet euthanasia. The short story, performed live in front of an audience in Critter Country, never caught on with guests.
5. Spay your Aristocat - learn responsible pet neutering to reduce unwanted pets in Southern California.
4. Tink’s murderous rage - ride along with Tinker Bell as she devises new ways to kill Wendy.
3. Shooting Bambi’s mother - a traditional midway target shooting game.

2. How to skin a Dalmatian - ever wonder how Cruella De Ville got those coats? Disney cast members show you how in this gruesome hands on demonstration.
1. Pocahontas’ Nickel slots - ride along in a time traveller with Pocahontas as she befriends palefaces and later combines her generosity with powerful lobbyist into favors that lead to a multi-billion dollar gaming enterprise.

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jaydou said...

Nickel slots..brilliant! As long as you avoid the Teacup terror ride