Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ramblings from the vacation

We took the annual trip to SoCal last week. Normally, I rock a Bucknell hat on vacation. It stands out well from afar for the missus. Plus, the Sooner hoops team hasn't been much to write home about until this year. In an effort to change the pace - and in honor of this year's squad - I wore a Sooner hat to guard what's left of my hairline, and a couple of days I was sporting a Sooners pullover to protect my old body from water on Splash Mountain. Anywho, I got lots of crap for wearing my Sooner gear...a lady from Boise, Idaho tried to get her 6 yeard old daughter to sing the BSU fight song...several people flashed Hook 'em signs...a dude wearing a USC hat said, "sooner or later you'll win something".

That would have been funny if it weren't so true.

However. I don't rush around bashing your school when I see you wearing your school gear. I don't say to a person wearing Texas gear, "Congrats on your early release" or shout "39-33" to them. I might nod. I might not. I'm more likely to consider you as big 12 brethren when I'm in a foreign land. I'd even be nice to a Boone State fan.

Furthermore, if the economy is so in the toilet, someone needs to tell that to all the people flying to adn from LA the past two weeks. Every seat was full. Disneyland was packed for the two days I was there. Ditto for Legoland. I played golf at Aviava golf club in California. They said they had a record February.

I know I was operating a bit in a bubble, but plenty of people are out there spending money.

Finally, a family vacation that involves me trying to get NCAA tourney score updates while my family is in the restroom is very hectic.

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