Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thoughts on Sutton while not fighting insomnia

In reviewing college hoops blogs Rush the Court, Storming the Floor and Thirty Five Seconds, their posts yesterday and today consisted of Final Four previews, Tom Crean's hire at Indiana, April Fools jokes, and rumors of Travis Ford going to LSU. There was ALMOST NO MENTION OF THE OKLAHOMA STATE JOB AT ALL. The only mention was a post combining Self's brief courtship by Okie State while firing Sutton, and Roy William's departure five years ago from KU to UNC within a week of losing the national championship game.

It confirms, in my opinion, that the Okie State job just isn't one capturing national hoops conscience at all. In Fort Worth, Mike Jones of the Startlegram takes Oklahoma State to task for the early departure. John Rohde in the Daily Oklahoman talks about how Holder may have difficult filling the bill due to his limited connections and his personality.

Admittedly, T Boone's money may be able to offset some of these shortcomings.

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