Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's the Baylor Gear

Took an afternoon field trip to the PGA Superstore in Plano, TX today. It's quite the place (I think I had the same feeling that my girls has when I took the to American Girl Place). They have an entire wall devoted to various collegiate apparel. You can get Virginia Tech gear, Auburn gear, TCU gear (surprise!), OU gear, Boone State gear, Duke gear, They had Iowa State stuff (?), Red Raider stuff, Cash Machine U stuff. Nebraska? check. Kansas? Check.

Baylor? No check. Nada.

They even had North Texas stuff. Seriously. Have you even seen anyone wear North Texas gear with pride? Or even without pride. I didn't even know North Texas licensed their stuff. Figured they stopped when Hayden Fry and Mean Joe Greene left town in the early 70s. But nope, you can get it at the PGA superstore.

But Baylor? Nah. The store's in the middle of Plano, TX, home of Six Flags over Jesus (aka Prestonwood Baptist) and several other immense Baptist churches, and the good folks at the PGA superstore don't want to waste the wallspace with little Baylor Bear headcovers, puttercovers, etc, ballmarkers, etc.

I don't know who to be disgusted with...the Baylor faithful, for not buying enough of their stuff to create a market, or the PGA superstore folks who thumb their nose at Art Briles, Reverend Rob and the rest of the Bears.

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Mr.Cybrarian said...

It's not the fault of the Baylor fans, it's Baylor itself. The University is protective of its licensing and always has been. I have lamented this for years. You will not see Baylor gear at Academy or Wal-Mart. You have to go to Waco to get it. Horrible marketing.