Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 Season by the Letter

A - Allen, Drew. Met his dad at the OU-Texas game last year. Will he play in 2009. If he does, it's probably not a good sign for the Sooners.
B - Bengals. OU plays it's first game ever against the Idaho State Bengals. And hopefully the last.
C - Cowboys Stadium. The Sooners play the first meaningful American football game in Cowboys Stadium.
D - Defensive line. With Alexander healthy all year, Granger and McCoy back, and Auston English healthy, as well as many others, this unit should dominate it's side of the ball.
E - Eldridge, Brody. He may be the best center we have. I hope that's Bob screwing with the media. You hate to waste an all-conference fullback like that.
F - Fightin Mormons. The Sooners are winless against the Cougars, with one butt kicking at the 1994 Copper Bowl. This game was Gary Gibbs last as a Sooner. The Sooners look to avenge that as well as the 1984 National Championship, where BYU went undefeated against powerhouses like a 6-6 Michigan squad, Utah State, Baylor and Tulsa. Don't even bring up the Orange Bowl.
G - Gresham, Jermaine. aka Keith Jackson, Jr. Likely to be a primary option for a relatively inexperienced receiving package for the Sooners.
H - Holiday Bowl. If the Sooners are in San Diego in December, it's been a disappointing season.
I - Injuries. Will DeMarco Murray stay healthy the entire year?
J - Jarboe, Josh. Budding rap star is third on the depth chart for the Troy Trojans as a redshirt freshman.
K - Kickoff coverage? Will it be any better this year? We got lots of practice at this last year, and never mastered it.
L - Longhorns. The Oct 17 matchup is a big 'un. The victor gets an inside track to a Big 12 South Division title, though the last two years victories have done nada for the Horns in that regard.
M - McCoy, Gerald. The leader of the defensive line.
N - Nebraska. A trip to Bugeater Stadium on Nov 7 could be the prequel to the Big 12 Championship game.
O - Offensive Line. If I were ranking stories I'm tired of reading this summer, it would be: 1) Brett Favre; 2) Michael Vick; 3) Oklahoma's offensive line.
P - Pooh. The nickname of Adron Tonnell, who we need a big year from in the WR position.
Q - Quentin Carter. A few more hits like this and he'll be a household name.
R - Ryan Reynolds. The most talked about knees since Jason White.
S - Sam Proctor. If Sam has a good year at the Strong Safety position, it could solidify the Sooner secondary.
T - Tulsa. The game where Bradford sets the career mark for passing yards by a Sooner QB.
U - The U. The Sooners travel to play the U in South Florida. Will the Sooners crush the Hurricanes? Or will the offensive staff shakeup launch the Canes into a new era?
V - Vanquish. What the Sooners will do to their foes this year.
W - Woody Glass, Mike Balogun's lawyer. His talents may be more important than Brandon Crow's.
X - x-wife. Former Sooner D-Coordinator Mike Stoops is headed to splitsville with the missus. Apparently coaching at Arizona is hard on a marriage.
Y - Young, Bill. The new Boone State d-coordinator could raise the intensity of the Bedlam series to an actual rivalry.
Z - Zero. The chance of me going to the Idaho State game.

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Anonymous said...

T - Tebow. So tired of the propaganda about him winning 2 NCs. Chris Leak won the 1st one.