Thursday, August 13, 2009

The LandThieves Preseason Top 10

Here's the LandThieves Preseason Top 10

  1. Florida - the Gators return their all-world defense, tons of speed on offense and Thom Brennaman's man-crush as QB.
  2. USC - some point to a new QB, a new LB corps and a trip to Columbus as roadblocks for the Trojans. Pete Carroll's Trojans last loss to a non-conference foe on the road - 2001. That and the soft Pac-10 give the Men of Troy the nod over the Horns.
  3. Texas - If USC stumbles against some spare Pacific northwest team, the Horns will be there.
  4. Oklahoma - Did you know Sam Bradford has four new O-linemen? I heard a rumor.
  5. Alabama - Southlake Carroll Dragon Greg McElroy takes the helm for the Tide, and Terrence Codu returns on the D side. Stoops and Saban have been swapping stories on how to stop Florida. We'll see if it works.
  6. Ohio State - a couple of slip ups and we can see THE Ohio State University challenge the Sooners mark for most BCS Championship games lost.
  7. LSU - Les Miles' team has tons of talent, and won't lose 5 games this year.
  8. TCU - didja notice pollsters never have non-BCS teams ranked high in their preseason polls. I'm a rebel. TCU is always well coached, has Sheriff Dillard returning and Justin Fuentes on staff. What more could you ask for? The Lizards have two BCS teams on their schedule, but run of the mill squads in Clemson and Virginia. Bad enough to be beaten, good enough to help the computer polls. Win those two road games and beat the Fightin Mormons on the road, and they just need to not screw up the game against SMU.
  9. Penn State - JoePa continues to distance himself from Bobby Bowden, regardless of what the NCAA says.
  10. Virginia Tech - I hardly know anything about this team, but refuse to acknowledge that Boone State is a top 10 team, or that Houston Nutt could coach a top-10 team.

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