Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big 12 Preview - Sooners

Oklahoma – the Sooners only return one offensive lineman starter this year, and also lose Iglesias and Johnson from the receiving corps. Sam Bradford probably won’t get 50 TDs this year, but I’m sure he’ll have an excellent year. To show you how good Sam is, and how the passing record book is still emerging in Norman, in the second game of his junior year, Sam wilI pass Jason White, who got a Ph D in kinesiology while playing seven years, as the career leader in passing yards. Four more TDs and he’s also the career TD passing leader.

I expect the Sooners to run more frequently this year, to take pressure off the green o-line and feature the strengths of one of the better running back tandems in football , Chris Browne and DeMarco Murray. Gresham returns as an all-world TE, and Mossis Madu, Adron Tonnell and Ryan Broyles should provide some fireworks from the outside. On the defense, the Sooners return a fabulous d-line, and a LB corp with Keenan Clayton, Travis Lewis and Ryan Reynolds should be much improved this year. The key questions on the defense are: 1) will DeMarcus Granger stay healthy’ 2) will the dominance of the d-line and LBs compensate for the inexperienced safeties, and 3) what game does Ryan Reynolds blow a knee. The Sooners will miss Lendy Holmes in the defensive backfield, and the inexperience of the safeties and offensive linemen will probably hurt the Sooners in the losses in Dallas to the Longhorns and to the Dust Pirates in Lubbock, and they'll end up second in the Big 12 South. The good news to that is we can play a lesser team in the BCS like the Horns normally do, and win a bowl game.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong, and that we have another successful season, with a Big 12 Championship.


poopsandwich said...

Looking forward to the Sooners winning a bowl game this year.

My friend who is a T-sipper, told me a really ugly joke, that I did not think was even a little funny.

"Do you know what marijuana and OU have in comnon? They both get smoked in bowls."

I told you it wasn't funny.

Anonymous said...

LT --

I guess I was wrong. You did know that you picked the Dust Pirates to beat us. I disagree. Unless Sam goes down.

The Miami game will tell us what we need to know about our O-line and our running game, while BYU and Tulsa will either expose or season our Safeties.


jaydou said...

I am shocked and hurt by your analysis. Just another Northern TX bias...

HeadThief said...

Poop - I like that joke.
John - I sure hope my prediction of a 10-2 regular season off by two games, and not "Andre Ware off by two games".