Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Musings for the morning

Dan Jenkins covering the US Open was genius. http://twitter.com/danjenkinsgd/status/2278370460

I heard some ESPN radio hack this weekend say that Blake Griffin would be a 20 pt, 10 rebound guy, but you wouldn't want to build a franchise around him.Here is the list of 2008-09 players with 20-10 averages: Dwight Howard; Chris Bosh. Sure wouldn't want either of those guys.

Interesting article on newsok.com about Pasha Jackson studying in Cuba to be a doctor and learning Spanish. When he's done, Parkland Hospital could use some help.

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jaydou said...

Dan is an *ss. He is the reason I canceled my Golf Digest subscription. Won't read it until he stops writing for them...