Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Jones helping OJ

One of the neat things about Twitter is that you can follow the random, guarded musings of various people, such as Shaq, or Les Miles, or June Jones. Jones is coach at SMU now, and apparently is an avid golfer. The man is playing golf at Royal Oaks, Vaquero, in Hawaii, and followed the US Open and the Nelson and Colonial events. I'm convinced he's helping OJ look for Nicole Brown's killer.

I didn't know much about June Jones before following him on Twitter (probably still don't, but it's more than zero now).

Secondly, June apparently went to Hawaii for a June Jones Foundation event recently. One of today's post says, "I asked people to step forward to give 1000 gifts for them...Rush Limbaugh walked up first and handed me 1000 dollars in cash!"

I thought for a minute we were back in the mid 80s.

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