Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No love for Moses

I've been a regular viewer of the 4th and Long show on Spike. Mainly because I like hearing beeps and watching people throw up. And I do find the show an interesting concept.

A recurring theme through the show is the WRs being eager to pick on former Sooner great (if you count track) Moses Washington as an aspiring DB. Seems the WRs don't seem to believe he's physical enough. Moses only ways 170 lbs allegedly, so maybe they're correct.

Anyway, not a show goes by that one of the receivers doesn't want a piece of Moses, or believe that he's the one to be cut. Nonetheless, Moses is still around, and Gamble went home. Apparently ?Hawkins is now trying to catch a break in the CFL. Best wishes to him.

Personally, I don't see Moses making it either, as former Tarheel Jesse Holley and Montrell Jones seem to be more physically suited to the NFL. Jones also appears to be dumb as a post, so that gives Holley the lead.

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