Monday, May 18, 2009

4th and Long

Watched the Spike TV show 4th and Long this evening. Not sure what I expected, but I found the show kept my interest for the hour. I would have been okay with seeing fewer people vomit.

The show has a Sooner tie-in, as it has Moses Washington, a former Sooner track and field man who allegedly was on the Sooners 2000 National Championship team. The crack LandThieves research team could not find mention of Washington as a letterwinner, per the OU Media 2001 Football media guide. He's also not listed as a roster player on The Daily Ok website says he walked onto the 2000 team as a DB. Washington was a track All-American, in the 800 meters indoors.

A press release by does mention Washington, during August practices prior to the 2000 season.

Moses appears to be quite the thespian now, per a brief review of his myspace page.

Another tie-in is former Texas Longhorn Erick Jackson, whose claim to fame is knocking the snot out of Sooner Reggie Smith on a punt return during the 2006 OU-Texas game, and returning it for a touchdown*.

Googling Erick, you also find Erick followed Malcolm Kelly into the end zone for the decisive score in the Sooners 28-21 victory in 2007.

*Sooners recovered, but TD claim was made on behalf of Longhorns who wanted Erick to feel good about himself.

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