Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why The Newspapers are Losing

Yesterday's column by Berry Trammel should have been titled, "Holy Crap, can you believe they pay me to write?"

Last summer, Trammel was on the "get rid of Jarboe" bandwagon, as was I.

Chaisson copped a plea to four "gross misdemeanors" that are in lie with the code of conduct for an OU student. Reading that sentence just seems weird. Chaisson is labeled as a sociopath by Trammel, in the same piece that Adarius Bowman's marijuana arrest is inexplicably brought up.

I'll agree that Chaisson is a risk, but the column just doesn't make sense.
"...That’s not delinquent behavior. That’s sociopath behavior, and that moves out of even Father Flanagan’s domain, much less a football coach’s. Take Chaisson to sack quarterbacks, fine. But don’t take him thinking you’re going to fix him."

So, we're okay with taking a player for his football ability, but Stoops shouldn't consider planning to set the individual up for success with more accountability, more structure, perhaps expanding his horizons a bit and guiding him in making better life choices. Let's just treat him like a rented mule and turn him loose on society in four years.

Seemed Berry is taking writing tips from David Feherty, and working on offending everyone reading. Feherty is known for his irreverent humor. Perhaps Trammel can move his writing to the Comics section. Except it's not funny.

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