Thursday, July 31, 2008

Josh Jarboe - Rap Musician

JJ continues to get in trouble. Gun charges were reduced earlier this year, so now he's in the great state of Oklahoma. However, he had this nice rap video posted on the internet this week, now it's making the rounds of the internet.

One of the least offensive lines is "I'll shoot ya --- up like a ---- pool table." Really? You're supposed to shoot a pool table? I'm just not with it.

Anywho, I'm done with this guy, and he's not on the field yet. His second chance was letting him come this way after his gun charges. He can grow up / be a risk at some other program.


Anonymous said...

Not only does this kid rap about shooting pool tables but also shooting people in the head. And he makes vulger comments about women. What a class guy and I'm sure he fits in great with the rest of those folks. Also, Dean Blevins made a comment on Jox 930 today that there was another incident with Jarboe prior to this one but since he's been at OU, though he didn't say what it was. Looks like the media has convered that up too just like they tend to do with a lot of OU transgressions.

Anonymous said...

Here's how it works. An OU player (or soon to be player) screws up. Paper publishes a story saying it's no big deal and he's really a good guy. He screws up again. Radio callers and air staff say again no big deal and rush to his defense. Third Strike...OU people fall over themselves to make fun of the player and discredit him as fast as possible. Bomar, sound familiar?

poopsandwich said...

What's your point?