Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten things I think you think I think - week 1

  1. Remember, Boise State plays host to Utah State on December 3. Don't put the Broncos in the BCS Championship game yet.
  2. Drew Allen will play at some point against Florida State.
  3. According to his bio on the 'Noles website, Chris Ponder obtained a bachelor's degree from FSU in 2.5 years. He's a redshirt senior who showed up on campus a semester early. WTF has he been doing for the past three years in Tallahassee? UPDATE: web site was updated, Ponder now has an MBA and is working in graduate sports management program at FSU.
  4. Up until a few weeks ago, you could do undergraduate sports management at North Carolina, but the teacher abruptly resigned.
  5. I think shower discipline is something you learn at prison orientation, not college.
  6. Chris Wienke was going to represent FSU at the Sooners' 2000 team reunion last week, but he was insulted for being offered the senior citizen discount and Luby's and refused to show up at the event.
  7. I think Tom Wort will have fewer penalties this week.
  8. Bob Barry will see a number 7 jersey running the ball against Florida State and refer to DeMarco Murray as Kelly Phelps.
  9. The Sooner pass rush will be in full force against FSU.
  10. I think the Sooners win 27-24.

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