Friday, September 17, 2010

Home of the Sooners

Everyone with a keyboard / touchscreen is chiming in on the "Home of the Sooners" issue. The Lost Ogle has a great piece, for example. Since I have a keyboard and a blog, here goes:

I think putting Sooners in place of brave is in poor taste. You can't legislate poor taste. it's like going to Wal-mart. You know you're going to see stuff like this, but it's not against the law. This is against the law at Wal-mart, and most other public places.

We already butcher the song in many ways. Let's keep in mind the following concepts:
  • the lyrics are set to a British drinking song
  • the original key for the music is rarely followed, which has become a mission of Garrison Keillor
  • the timing of the original song was 43 seconds, and most of the time a singer takes 2 minutes or more to sing it
  • a 2004 Harris poll indicated 39 percent of Americans didn't even know the words. Of course, the government started a program to educate us on the words. They didn't stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the country, so I'm skeptical this has improved in six  years.
All that being said, I don't sing Sooners in the middle of the Star Spangled banner. I don't care for it when others do. One of the things that makes our country great - and exasperating at the same time - is that we can express ourselves in different ways.

If you want to be a moron, you can be a moron. The are plenty of morons to join you in our own special way.

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