Friday, September 10, 2010

Nebraska Season Opening Wins

Last weekend I kep hearing about Nebraska winning their 25th consecutive season opening game. I first thought was "yeah, but who have they beaten?". Here's the list, and it's different than I thought.

1986 Florida State

1987 Utah State
1988 Texas A&M (neutral site)
1989 Northern Illinois
1990 Baylor
1991 Utah State
1992 Utah
1993 North Texas
1994 West Virginia (neutral site)
1995 Oklahoma State @ Stillwater
1996 Michigan State
1997 Akron
1998 Louisiana Tech
1999 Iowa @ Iowa City
2000 San Jose State
2001 TCU
2002 Arizona State
2003 Oklahoma State
2004 Western Illinois
2005 Maine
2006 Louisiana Tech
2007 Nevada
2008 Western Michigan
2009 Florida Atlantic
2010 Western Kentucky
The recent games have been decidedly easier, but back in the day they actually mixed in some formidable foes (last loss was to FSU in 1985). That's not unlike many other of the power teams.

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