Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NCAA announces sanctions against USC

The NCAA announced infractions against the USC Trojans today. LandThieves Pac 10 insider Todd Marinovich sat down with Haywood Jablome to discuss the infractions:

LTP: What sort of penalties will the Trojans receive?
NCAA: We’ve conducted a very thorough investigation, and we’ve decided the Trojans have suffered enough. Since Reggie Bush left, and housing was no longer provided to the Bush family or other Trojan athletes after the Yahoo! story, home values in Los Angeles County have fallen 40%. We think We think the Southern California fans have suffered enough.

LTP: You’ve got to be kidding me? You’re not going to punish the Trojans at all?
NCAA: We considered several penalties for the Trojans. However, our investigation did not indicate that anyone within the program was involved. Since several programs recently have cried foul for penalizing the program for fans or past coaches actions, we decided to take this new approach. Since Reggie was no longer with the program, and the agents aren’t associated with the program, there’s no penalty.

LTP: The Trojans don’t have to vacate any wins? Or Championships?
NCAA: Actually Reggie Bush has to vacate several Facebook friends. We felt like his Facebook profile was enhanced by his profile as a Trojan athlete, when in fact he was a professional. We’ve provided a list of 200 USC coeds that he must remove from his Facebook friends list.

LTP: Will the Trojans have any scholarship reductions?
NCAA:: We have made it very clear to the USC athletic department that any further scandals in the USC program could result in severe penalties to the Fresno State program.


Christov said...

Wow Head Thief, I'm thinking maybe our governing body might have been too stringent with this punishment. I really feel terrible about the housing market out there...what a pitty.
Thanks for keeping us informed on this breaking news...lord knows the NCAA won't.

jaydou said...

Todd Marinovich...My favorite phenom