Friday, July 24, 2009

Big 12 Media Poll 2009

Last year, I broke down the pre-season media poll for your. This year, it's a little tougher, as the math doesn't work, but the LandThieves Investigative Team is on the case. Here are some quick highlights from the release:
  • Only 32 votes this year, as opposed to 51 last year.
  • 31 of 32 voters picked Texas A&M last in the South.
  • Baylor has several fourth place selections as well, my guess is around 12 writers selected Baylor 4th, with Tech 5th.
  • OU and Texas were picked tied for first. I don't know what the tie-breaker format is for the Preseason poll. Mack Brown will be politicking to be declared the champion on College Football Live later today, I'm sure.
  • Four voters picked someone other than OU and Texas to be in second place. These votes appear to be split between Boone State and the Dust Pirates.

In the North:

  • Three voters selected Missouri for first. These voters must have mistakenly mailed in last year's ballot.
  • Iowa State was the nearly unanimous pick for last in the division, with the Wildcats presumably garnering the other last place vote.
  • While Nebraska and Kansas were selected the top 2 teams in the North, there were at least ten writers that has someone else in the 2 slot.
  • Second place in the Big 12 North is a crapshoot to figure out without the detail of number of votes for each team for each slot. However, from the information I could back into, it looks like Colorado had the most second place votes, and the most fifth place votes.

With the handing chads/math mistake, it's tough to break down with more certainty.

As the LandThieves Investigate Team finds out more on this story, we'll keep you advised.

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