Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stolen Thoughts 02-14-09

Baylor is recruiting athletes with weed - I mean speed - to burn

Texas Tech and Texas will play Sat night on Sep 19. This game will be in the middle of a murderer's row of games for the Horns, Louisiana-Monroe, then Wyoming (on the road!), then the Dust Pirates, and they close out the month with the UTEP Miners in Austin. Texas had done a good job of avoiding a repeat of last year's Oklahoma-Missouri-Oklahoma State-Texas Tech gauntlet. Looks like they flipped Central Florida and Texas Tech. This is taking a tip from the SEC, where most teams sneak in a Sun Belt or Southern conference foe in the middle of the conference grind.

According to some, Matt Simms, younger bro of Longhorn alum Chris Simms, is eyeing Oklahoma after a stint at juco this fall.

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