Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leach and Texas Tech

Today we read even more about the negotiations between the Great Pirate and Texas Tech. TT Chancellor Kent Hance and AD Gerald Myers seems to really be botching this one, in my opinion. On one side, you have Leach, who seems to be a candidate for every BCS conference vacancy out there, and doesn't denounce the rumors. On the other hand, Myers is 67 years old and by accounts I've heard has an absolutely horrible relationship with Leach. So, the Tech administration has to decide, do you want to create an environment where the coach with the highest winning percentage in school history wants to stay? Or do you want to put contract language in place that exists in few, if any, football coaches contracts.

This thing is getting caustic, and public, and I do believe if it's not solved shortly it will harm Texas Tech football. While I don't like getting beat in Lubbock every other year, I don't want them being a novelty in the Big 12 south either.

Let's look at the TT coaches since WW2 with a over 60% career winning percentage.
  • David McWilliams (1986) - parlayed a 7-4 record in one season into a gig at Texas.
  • Steve Sloan (1975-7) - went 6-5, 10-2 and 7-5 and bailed out to Ole Miss.
  • Jim Carlen (1970-4) - went 37-20-2 and ran off to South Carolina.
People, it's not exactly the cradle of coaches.

Leach has actually stayed 9 years. Even if it appears it's only because no one's made him an offer, he hasn't gone anywhere. Do something to make him want to stay.

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