Friday, February 20, 2009

Is Obama the New Blake?

Upon his hire at the University of Oklahoma, John Blake was a youthful, energetic African-American pioneer, the first African American head coach at Oklahoma. Many hailed his hiring as the right man for the job to turn around a great organization that had recently fallen upon hard times. A quote in this 1996 article says, “We can’t go down any further” If only he had been correct.

Hindsight tells us that while Blake was a masterful recruiter and that players liked him, he was ill suited for the job as a head coach and the end result was not desirable. After the 0-4 start of 1996, the fans turned on him.
Sound familiar?
Sure, Obama’s skinnier, and the MSM are behind him 100%, and he has better command of the English language, but it remains to be seen if Obama is any good at being a President.

I know my 401(k) is now a 0.401(k), and I know the “change” that has come so far is that government just got a whole lot bigger. Will Obama turn things around? I dunno. I know that if you’re going to turn it around, you have to make sure you stop at 180 degrees and not do a 360.

For the sake of our country, I'm rooting for Obama to be a better President than Blake was a head coach. But me cheering on Blake didn't help any in 1996-98.

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poopsandwich said...

Please God, no.