Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Things I don't think you think I think about loss to Baylor

  1. When Baylor hired Art Briles as their head coach. I told several Baylor alums they would beat OU while he was head coach. This prediction was much more accurate than my high school bewilderment about why Troy Aikman was considered an elite quarterback at Henryetta High.
  2. In the past two days I told two Baylor alums they could win this game. They didn't believe me. They will probably gloat anyway tomorrow. On to the game...
  3. Worst thing: Bob Stoops timeout call after Baylor is folding up to go to OT. We hadn't stopped them all night. I had tweeted that I thought we scored too early. 
  4. We held Baylor to a three and out THREE times prior to this point.We had allowed 7 plays of more than 20 yards.
  5. Second worst thing: going for it on 4th and 14 with 10 minutes left in the game. I would have taken my chances with Hunicutt from 42 yards.
  6. Third worst thing: going for two trailing one with a minute left. I was ag'in it. Ended up not mattering.
  7. Landry's pick on a throw to James Hanna was just a horrible throw. Not as bad as the double clutch off his back foot into quadruple coverage late in the game, but close. 
  8. Worst DB performance of the year: Gabe Lynn against TT or Javon Harris against Baylor? Discuss.
  9. If you want to lose a game:
    1. give up 600 yards
    2. Go -3 in turnover margin
    3. Have 9 penalties for 90 yards
    4. I have hunch no one has ever accomplished those three feats and won the ball game. 
  10. RG3 passed for more yards tonight (479) than in any other game this year.  Previous highs of 430 and 425 were in losses to Cash Machine U and Boone State, respectively.
  11. John Blake never lost to Baylor. I don't want him back. But I had to say it.
  12. I guess we've solved my concern over playing LSU in New Orleans for the NCG. I didn't think we were a top team this year. This game proved it.Congrats to the Baylor Bears.

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KC Ag said...

There is happiness with the redeemed side of my household. Stoops got caught in the moment with the timeout. With 2 timeouts, OU would have had to had a great punt return to have any chance at scoring. In the end, it just gave Briles time to realize how fast Baylor can score.

Interesting that you talk about gloating in the 2nd comment. The HeadThief will propably have a lot of Baylor "friends" on Sunday.