Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiger Returns

Muich wringing of hands about "How is Tiger going to be able to shut all the distractions out and play golf?" People...1) the concentration of an elite athlete is phenomenal, and Tiger is a notch above most others elite athletes; 2) Tiger was doing a great job of balancing his elite golf game with a wrecked up personal life prior to Thanksgiving, the only difference now is that we're aware of his wrecked up personal life; 3) the lobbying group of the wife who's been cheated on is not nearly as powerful as the ASPCA...there's aren't going to be demonstrations by a PR machine, he's playing before a group of fans of corporate America. In the crowd, there's likley to be an unfortunately high number of travelling businessmen that would hop into bed with the waitress at the Augusta Perkins restaurant if she'd give the signal.

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