Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big 12 losing members

Earlier today, the Wiz has a post on Colorado and Utah potentially joining the Pac 10. I love the section where it says that Colorado has the academic requirements to blend in well with the Pac 10. Yeah, and similar levels of marijuana usage as well.

A few weeks ago, when the Big 10 indicated they might wish to expand, Missouri promptly said, "Pick me! Pick me!". Apparently Missouri's thought process is that being in a second tier bowl in the Big 10 gets you to Orlando, Florida, while a second tier bowl in the Big 12 gets you freezing your arse off in Dallas in January, or worse yet, hanging out in Houston for a week.

Well, here's my Big 12 plan for remediation:

If Colorado and Utah go to the Pac 10. Pick up TCU and add to the Big 12 South. They'll jump at the opportunity, because the Mountain West is on life support without the Utah-BYU intraconference rivalry. Move Oklahoma State to the North, as the northernmost school in the Big 12. Some Boone State fans would say, "but what about the rivalry with Oklahoma?". People, I've been alive for 43 OU-OSU games. The record during that time is 36-6-1 in favor of the Sooners. Wouldn't you rather play Kansas more often instead? Plus, it would mean being beaten by 20 by the Horns twice every four years, instead of four times every four years.

If Missouri jumps to the Big 10. Which would have 12 teams then, but would be called the Big 10? And the Big 12 would have 11 teams? This sounds like a freaking Lost episode. Anyway, I'd react the same way, and snap up TCU. Sure, the Horns fans would want the Big 12 to pick up Rice instead, since Texas plays them every year anyway, but TCU makes more sense.