Friday, December 4, 2009

Shamangino Gone

The Stoops coaching tree just got clipped a little. Mangino agrees to resign from KU. Let's take a look at Mangino's record at KU, and where it ranks all-time.

  • Mangino finished his tenure at KU with a 50-48 won-loss record, for a 51% winning percentage.
  • The last KU coach to win 50 games at Kansas: Bert Kennedy, who went 53-9-4, from 1904-1910.
  • Last KU coach to leave the school with a career winning percentage over .500: Jules Sikes, who left in 1953 after compiling a 35-25 record. His next destination was East Texas State.

Kansas has NOT been a premier job. It's been a stopping off point for some coaches, a grave yard for others; if they win in Lawrence, they get snapped up somewhere else. For example:

  • George Sauer went to Navy after two years ended 1947, when we went 15-3-3 at Kansas
  • Pepper Rodgers parlayed a 4 year, 20-22 record into a job at UCLA.
  • Mike Gottfreid played a 15-18-1 record from 1983-85 into a job at Pitt.
  • Glen Mason leveraged a 47-54-1 record from 1988-96 into a job at Minnesota.

I certainly don't condone this if it's true. Mangino certainly appears to have shown some interesting leadership techniques in leading the Jayhawks, and many of those are successful long-term. The last Mangino-less winning season in Kansas was 1995, when Glen Mason went 10-2.

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