Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Newfound Horns Rushing Attack

Much ado this week about Texas being better because they have a run game now. Well, it's better than last year, but let's take a quick look:

In four games, Texas has averaged 4.55 yards per attempt. Someone will tell you they have the 25 best rushing attack in the country. That's true, if you count yards per game. However, what's really going on is the Horns are rushing more. They have the 13th most rushing attempts. The average per carry only ranks 37th.

Finally, here are the rankings of the four Horns foes in terms of yards per carry allowed:
Rice 117, BYU 92, UCLA 110, Iowa State 51. The most telling part of this: in only one of the four games (UCLA) was the Longhorn yards per carry greater than what the team has allowed in their other contests.

Rice gave up 4.77 yards per carry, and gives up 6.1 yards to everyone else.
BYU gave up 3.86 ypc against Texas, and 4.86 to everyone else
UCLA: 5.68 vs 5.01
Iowa State: 3.62 to the Horns, 3.73 to others.

Overall, the 4.55 yards per carry for the Horns compares unfavorably with the 4.95 yards per carry that the other opponents of the Horns foes have gained. So, Malcolm Brown is better than the Greg Davis coached RB by committee, let's not confuse them with Georgia Tech or Wisconsin.

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Again the Land Thieves staff is on the ball...