Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten things I think you think I think about OU leaving the Big 12

Much ado last week about Texas A&M's lusting after the SEC. Meanwhile the Sooners have sat idly by.

I think the Sooners need to leave the Big 12-11-10 for greener pastures. My reasoning:

  1. By biding our time in the We're Texas and Friends (WTF) conference, we lose control of our own destiny. We know Cash Machine U is already examining its options.
  2. We know Missouri has already expressed an interest in jumping into the lap of the Big 10-11-12.
  3. Let's pretend for a minute we lose those two members to the SEC or somewhere else. The replacement options are: TCU (thumbs up, but the WTF conference has already missed on that); BYU (seriously?, BYU already has their own network); the cream of the Conference USA (Houston-Tulsa-SMU); Boise State (geographically awful, but at least there's name recognition, and you'd secure the Idaho market)
  4. You are replacing an attractive state-wide Texas draw and a St. Louis / KC market team with Fort Worth, Highland Park, part of Houston, Provo or Boise. TV wise, that's not exactly a step up.
  5. You're overall conference strength takes a step back. Seriously, at that point the Big 12 is a Longhorn defection away from being Conference USA, but with a better TV deal. For now.
  6. When looking at alternatives, whether it's in love, career or conference alignment, it's important to make sure you are running to something, not away from something. If we wait until Cash Machine U and Methzou jump, we may be in total reaction mode and be left trying to negotiate our way into something from a position of weakness.
  7. I firmly believe that at some point you're going to have a 40 or so team Division 1-A, and the lower tier football schools in the automatic qualifier conferences, and Sun Belt, WAC, Conference USA schools will be a lower level. In the interim, you must continue to be proactive in maximizing your revenue stream. As I've said before, I think it would be fascinating to have a EPL type of format to college football.
  8. With the Longhorn network contract, Texas is almost incented to leave the Big 12, and them joining another conference will be problematic without modifying the existing longhorn network contract.
  9. To stand by and stick to tradition, or chant the "we just want to hang out with Texas and Boone State" will result in a loss of revenue and prestige for the program. It will be like having John Blake as your head coach, without the horrible press conferences.
Yes, that's only nine. But that's all that should be left in the Big 12.


KC Ag said...

While I rather just point out the tu network tag should be "proving all the Ags say about us", I'm not looking forward to losing the opportunity of seeing 3 Aggie games a year within 2 hours drive. That made the move to KC easier. Oh well, if the Ags go to the SEC, the recruiting will be just like the old SWC days.

KC Ag said...

I better start getting my daughter to proof read my comments. That would be While I'd.

jaydou said...

I agree. John Blake's pressers were a comedy of grammatical errors that boggled the mind. I think we go to Big 10 today. Thoughts?

Christov said...

I think us and "we got all the money, Texas" will be heading WEST.