Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Big East's Winning Bowl Record

During last night's Fiesta Bowl game, Sean McDonough and Matt Millen (how is he still employed in football?) went on and on about the Big East's winning record in bowl games since 2005. So, I looked it up. Let's go to the data:

  1. With the BBVA Compass Bowl game still yet to play, the Big East is 20-11 since the 2005 season in bowl games.
  2. The Big East is 11-11 against AQ conferences and 9-0 against CUSA and MAC schools. They own those conferences.
  3. Of course, the Big East is basically the former cream of the crop of those conferences anyway.
  4. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl matches the 4th best Big East team against the 7th best Big 12 team.
  5. The Big East sent their #2 team against the ACC #3 team through the latter half of the decade.
  6. The Meineke Car Care Bowl pits the #3 Big East team against the #5 ACC team. In past years, it was the #6 ACC team.
  7. The Pinstripe Bowl bumped the International bowl from the Big East lineup. It previously matched the #4 Big East team against the #3 MAC team.
  8. The PapaJohns bowl, now the BBVA Compass Bowl, pits the #5 Big East team against the #9 SEC team. .
  9. The St Petersburg Bowl game pits the #6 Big East team against the #4 Conference USA team.
  10. Basically, the Big East is so lightly regarded in terms of bowls that they are almost always playing a team that is lower in the peer group conference pecking order. The exception is the MAC and CUSA matchups.

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