Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 OTL Segments You'll never See

As I followed ESPN's "coverage" of the Leach firing, I decided to create a list of Outside the Line Segments You'll never see...

  1. Craig James' parenting methods: revolutionary or revolting
  2. What ESPN's former jock personalities say about Erin Andrews when the mic's are off
  3. Trent Dilfer - the ultimate game manager
  4. John Clayton biopic: How espn transformed me from stuffed inside a locker to an ESPNInsider
  5. The Lou Holtz Effect: how do his teams keep getting probation after he leaves
  6. Media-ocrity: How we take failed QBs like Jesse Palmer, Tim Hasselback and Sean Salisbury and make them experts on the position when their playing time is over
  7. Holly Rowe: the hottest girl in Salt Lake City
  8. Matt Millen: how did he land a job in sports again?
  9. Todd McShay: ESPN NFL Draft Expert or Mel Kiper Jr's coffee runner?
  10. Tim Legler: how playing for one of the worst teams in NBA history allows me to tell you what it takes to be an NBA champion

If you have additions, put them in the comments.


poopsandwich said...

The Texas Longhorns Football Team - Why they are such good role models for our youth

Christov said...

One man firefighting with Austin Box...

Christov said...

The keys to a healthy marriage with special guest, Barry Switzer.

poopsandwich said...

HT, you gonna leave these spams on here? (echo, echo, crickets chirping)

HeadThief said...

spammers are killing me.