Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Things I think you think I think - Lon Kruger edition

  1. When I first heard this, my reaction was, "Seriously, is this the best we can do?"
  2. Then, I thought about the OU basketball program...a) crappy arena? check; b) pro sport represented in area? check; c) poor fan support? check; d) NCAA sanctions looming? check. 
  3. Let's face it, OU is not considered a basketball school, in spite of Mookie, Wayman, Blake, Alvan Adams, Raymond Whitley, David Little and Ebe Ere.
  4. Then, I took a sip of the Lon Kruger Kool-Aid on the website.
  5. In 21 seasons at Kansas State, Florida, Illinois and UNLV, his teams have made the tourney 17 times. He's got a Final Four appearance, Elite Eight appearance and Sweet16 appearance.
  6. He graduates his players. He got players to graduate at UNLV, for heaven's sake.
  7. He's a published author, writing a book relating sports leadership to corporate leadership, something I find interesting.
  8. He's involved in several charitable initiatives.
  9. His one career mistake appears to have been leaving Illinois to jump to the NBA. Coaching the Hawks was an abysmal failure, and Kruger re-entered NCAA coaching a couple years later.
  10. I can get more excited about this guy than I thought previously. Let's see how it goes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kelvin Sampson Dies watching National Championship BB game

Kelvin Sampson died of erotic asphyxiation while watching the national championship game this evening. A spokesman for the family, who asked to remain anonymous, indicated Sampson became aroused while watching Butler score 22 points in a half and have a three point lead. After becoming aroused, Sampson apparently called a high school basketball player several times, hyperventilated, passed out and never regained consciousness.

Sources close to the family indicate Dick Vitale will officiate a private memorial service and Bob Knight will fire a hunting rifle into Sampson's chest to make sure he's dead.